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Knockbridge News

By July 20, 2016News

IMG-20160628-WA0000Date: July 2016

Dear Diary,

Wow what a month! There so much to write, I don’t know where to begin. It all started on a warm sunny day when Megan heard a knock at the door. When she answered it, she found some little lost puppies and kittens at the door. They were so cute! One of the girls loved cats and said “I have a pink one at my house”. Another boy said that “I have two dogs at home”! Everyone was so excited to show them around their new home.

The puppies absolutely loved our new Barbeque play area in Ruth and Gráinne room. Lots of the children were practising making birthday cakes there, since there was a lot of birthday’s recently.  Ethan and Ellie were turning five, Elijah and Annabelle turned four and Emma, Finn, Ben, Anna, Patrick, Jamie, Steven and Cian turned three along with Shay turning two. Can you believe it? Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Ruth when they made her a pretend birthday cake.

The baby room had a big party too! They had a teddy bears picnic for all the mammies and daddies to come too. They collected yummy strawberries to eat with chocolate on top. There wasn’t that many left because the puppies had nearly eaten them all- oh dear! We hoped to have some sunflowers too since the children had worked really hard planting and looking after them but unfortunately we didn’t have enough sun. Thankfully Jenny’s mam came to the rescue! Phew!

The Kittens preferred our new and improved hairdressing box. They loved getting eye shadow put on (“blue’s your colour!”) and their hair cut and styled (“this bow doesn’t look right!”). Both loved it when they got treats, like hotdogs on our 4th of July celebration and our chocolate factory.

The puppies and Kittens have decided they’re going to stay for good. We’ve made them a new home so they’ll be comfortable. You should pop over and take a look!

July was so exciting, goodness know what will August bring? If you visit soon, you’ll never know- there might be a Tour de France Pugwash Bay Style happening!

Megan and the Pugwashbay Knockbridge girls’