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Annagassan News

By September 27, 2016News

Welcome back everyone, it is good to be back. A big well done to all our new friends who have settled in great. Our first month has been very enjoyable with lots of exciting stories from the children of their summer holidays.

We are thrilled with our new cosy corners – they are great for story time. Jo jingles and Tara are also back this term and we have a jam packed fun program about the Olympics which came from the interests of the children.

Our pirate theme is in full swing and we are learning lots of songs, doing some wonderful art and games as part of it. Our art boards are full of all the fantastic pirate hats, swords and lots more for you all to see. Our family tress are coming along nicely so please help us with them by continuing to send in lots of photos of the immediate and extended family. 

Congratulations to Rebecca and John on the birth of their baby daughter Lucy. Sean and Abbie are thrilled with their new baby sister and have been telling us all about her. 

We are having our pirate dress up and treasure hunt on Friday the 30th of September and we are looking forward to seen all the different fancy dress ideas you have. 

Happy birthday to Darragh and Jj who had birthdays this month. We all had some delicious cake – yummy!