Bay Estate HSE Inspection 3rd December 2012


Our Response:

Fridges are checked morning and evening and if the temperature at these times is above 5 degrees the appropriate action is taken so that food will not be stored at a high temperature. However, it is because the fridges are being opened and closed during the day for snacks and dinners that a high temperature was recorded during the course of the inspection.



Our Response:

A new fridge was purchased in its place.



Our Response:

A new floor was put down in the kitchen area and all other items were addressed by our maintenance man.


Our Response:

We only use Trio 100 a disinfectant which is proven to be safe for use in crèches. This was in a greasan spray bottle. All bottles have since been labelled to reflect the content. Trio 100 is a direct replacement for Greasan and therefore this would not have caused the staff any confusion when using this cleaning product.



Our Response:

(B) As noted two children were brought to another class as the inspector felt there was more room for them. We have since monitored this to ensure it did not reoccur.

(C) We have employed a maintenance person to keep on top of issues with paintwork and repairs and these items were immediately put on his list to be addressed.

(C) All floor coverings in the creche were replaced during the christmas closure. The inspector was made aware of this during her visit.



Our Response:

A cubicle has been installed. At no time would two children have been permitted to use the toilets in this room at the same time.



Our Response:

  • The toy kitchen is for outdoor play purposes only. It was slightly dirty due to the fact that it was an outdoor toy. It was cleaned following the inspection.



Our Response:

The hot water in our creche is thermostatically controlled and is checked daily and the temperatures are recorded weekly. The inspector felt that the water from one of the taps was slightly warm and this was addressed while she was there. All other taps on the day were fine.

All cleaning agents have been labelled.

We have numerous policies dealing with infection control:

  • Notifiable Diseases
  • Preventing the spread of infection
  • Hygiene Policy
  • Sickness Policy

We constantly try to ensure every eventuality is covered by our policies and procedures and we review and update them regularly to reflect changing practices. This policy is now under review to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible.