Knockbridge HSE Inspection 29th November 2012


Our Response:

A sign displaying the corrective action necessary in the event of a refridgerator malfunctioning was on display at the time of inspection. However, the inspector recommended that we ammend the contents of the sign as she felt that one step in it was unnecessary. This has since been ammended.


Our Response:

Our maintenance man was touching up some areas of the kitchen when the inspector arrived. We will ensure all paint work, no matter how small, is carried out outside of operating hours or where the room in question is not in use.




Our Response:

The probe is cleaned with a sterile wipe before each dinner is checked. A more thorough clean will be done before and after all dinners are heated to ensure the probe is kept as clean and sterile as possible at all times.




Our Response:

During the inspection the inspector was shown the moon and spoon delivery records. We are not quite sure why this point was noted. We probe the frozen meals when they arrive and we also record the van temperature. This information is all recorded in our moon and spoon delivery book.




Our Response:

It was reported to me by the creche manager that the inspector did not use a probe to check the water temperatures. Instead her hands were used to judge the temperature of the water. Following the inspection the creche manager checked the temperature of the water at all sinks with the probe and found that it was all within the correct range. Water temperatures are checked daily and recorded weekly to ensure a problem is caught and rectified as soon as it occurs.




Our Response:

  • All the minor repair works were carried out immediately following the inspection.
  • When speaking with Donna in the baby room the inspector asked about a child’s bedding and was told that none had been sent from home that day. However, what is not noted here is that the inspector was told that we have an adequate supply of spare, clean bedding in case this happens.




Our Response:

At the time of the inspection the children were participating in ‘Fitkids’, a physical activity programme. All windows were open and water was readily available for the children to drink. The temperature recorded was 23 degrees and the acceptable temperature is 22 degrees. As soon as the ‘Fitkids’ class was over the temperature dropped to the required level.

The radiator guard has been repaired and the nappy bags were removed to a locked press.