HSE Inspection of Lis Na Dara 21st September 2012



Our Response:

Fridges are checked morning and evening and if the temperature at these times is above 5 degrees the appropriate action is taken so that food will not be stored at a high temperature. However, it is because the fridges are being opened and closed during the day for snacks and dinners that a high temperature was recorded during the course of the inspection.




Our Response:

The staff food is now being stored in a separate fridge in the kitchen. Staff belongings are now kept in a store room which is locked for security purposes.




Our Response:

There was indeed a problem found with one of the microwaves during the inspection. This microwave was dumped and a new commercial grade microwave was bought in its place.




Our Response:

We only use Trio 100 a disinfectant which is proven to be safe for use in crèches. This was in a clear spray bottle. All bottles have since been labelled to reflect their content.




Our Response:

The edging on a small part of the lower end of kitchen unit had come away. It has since been repaired.




Our Response:

(C) The window sill was repainted. The ceiling has been painted. The stain was from a bin – the floor was cleaned and the bin was repaired.

(D) The first bag in question was stored on the top shelves of the cubby holes in this room and would not have been accessible to a child. The second bag contained a jigsaw puzzle and was tied in a knot. However, to comply we have informed all staff to dispose of all plastic bags whenever they are found.




Our Response:

On a sunny day these areas can get warm due to the amount of glass, however at the time all windows were open to allow as much air as possible to circulate. We are going to keep a closer eye on the thermometers to maintain the recommended temperature in all areas.




Our Response:

The shelf edges have been repaired. The door is only left open when a child is using the toilet areas. The girls are asked to close the door at all other times.




Our Response:

This room was not in use at the time of the inspection and therefore stagnant water had gathered. No further problems were incurred after the toilet was flushed and / or since the room is back in use.




Our Response:

  • New tables were purchased for these rooms. The box that was cracked was labelled dress up but once it got damaged the staff were using it for their own storage and it was being kept out of the children’s reach. The bin was dirty due to use, it was cleaned after the inspection.




Our Response:

Again it was a sunny day and the window was open at the time of inspection. We will monitor this and open the door to allow air flow if necessary.




Our Response:

We are monitoring the fraying of the ropes and will change the ropes as soon as it becomes necessary. The squeeking was investigated and was not found to be a problem – oil will be applied from time to time to try and removing any squeeking noises.

(F) The outings policy was ammended to included the walks children are brought out on in the turtle bus.

All spray bottles have been clearly labelled to reflect the content. Spray bottles are only used for our disinfectant so even though this bottle was not labelled at the time the girls were very aware of what it contained.

The slide in the indoor play area was not sitting on a mat at the time of inspection. When in use the girls ensure that it is sitting on a mat so that there is a soft surface in case of falls.