Be Active

@ Pugwash Bay

We know that behavioural patterns established in childhood are sustained throughout adulthood. At the moment 1 in 4 children in Ireland are ‘obese’ and studies show that 70-80% are likely to remain overweight for their entire lives. We want to help children to develop healthy habits from as early an age as possible in the hope that these habits can be sustained throughout their life and they can grow into happy, healthy young adults.

We do this by building in 30 minutes active learning into our full day routine. This is on top of the outdoor play programme in the service. This in conjunction with our nutrition policy makes children aware of the need to make healthy choices.

Also one month per year our theme is ‘Healthy Eating’ and all our activities and learning experiences are centered around educating children about how to make these healthy choices. We introduce the food pyramid, healthy and unhealthy snacks, choosing tooth kind options etc.


@ Pugwash Bay

We believe that each child in our care develops sensible eating habits as part of their nutritional education. Food should also be an enjoyable experience for children so that they continue to enjoy trying and tasty new and healthy foods.

Where possible your child’s food should:

Be freshly prepared and eaten on the same day.
Contain only necessary safe preservatives.
Not contain unnecessary chemicals and additives.
Consist of full fat dairy products.
Should have one items from each of the food pyramid groups.
For morning and afternoon snacks we suggest that parents pack a mixture of the following:

Our healthy eating policy means that the following are not allowed to be sent in at snack times:

fizzy drinks / sugary juices
some cereal bars (high sugar content)

Early Days Foods

Are a family-run company dedicated to making things a little easier for childcare professionals all over the island of Ireland. If you want to be able to provide healthy, premium quality meals for children in your care (without cutting corners on taste or nutrition) then we’re here to help.

Healthy Children’s Foods

At Early Days Foods we pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best in pre-prepared meals, delivered straight to your door, for day nurseries, crèches, Montessori Schools, after-school clubs and private childminders.
We are committed in our goal of providing nutritionally sound, delicious food for children in order to combat the rise in childhood obesity.
With more and more children being classified as ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ by the time they reach primary school age*, we feel that more should be done to help provide children with meals that don’t scrimp on the taste but aren’t clogged with salt and fat!
With this in mind, we have put together a range of meals specifically designed for children.
When devising our menu we were sure to keep in mind all the recommendations set out by the School Food Trust, giving you peace of mind – whilst ticking all the boxes for taste and nutrition.