Annagassan HSE Inspection 9th May 2013

Our Response:

  • We will rectify all surfaces of bare wood to allow for thorough cleaning during the summer while the crèche is closed.
  • For the children’s safety the walls are painted each August when the crèche closes for the summer. This will be the case again this year.
  • We will inspect the sanitary accommodation and repair or replace the seals and finishes that were found defective.
  • Nappy bags have been removed and are now stored out of children’s reach, however, children would never have been allowed unsupervised access to the nappy changing area.
  • The girls have been spoken to about their belongings and we will ensure they are kept locked away at all times.


Our Response:

  • I have followed up with our supplier and Ocaldo poster paint is non-toxic. Unfortunately it does not state this clearly on the bottle. I have safety data sheets present now for this purpose.


Our Response:

  • We are looking into the issue of the hot water on the first floor. We cannot explain why it took so long to heat up on the day in question.


Our Response:

  • The fridge temperature, as mentioned in your report, was high as the fridge was being used at the time in question. We will continue to monitor and record fridge temperatures daily and will take immediate action if required.
  • We start all cleaning in the crèche with hot soapy water as has been recommended to us repeatedly in the past. We have been told to use disinfectant in high risk areas or at times where we are trying to prevent the spread of infection. It is not our policy to disinfect the children’s utensils. All other equipment is washed with hot soapy water (Citrol washing up liquid) and then rinsed in Trio 100 (disinfectant) where necessary.



Our Response:

  • The key in the door of the nappy changing room is there so that staff can lock the door when they use the toilet. No child is ever in this room unsupervised. However, we will fit a lock on this door in order to be extra cautious.
  • We have adjusted the thermostat controls to ensure the temperature of the radiator does not rise to this point again. We have never had any incidents involving our radiators becoming too hot or causing any injury to a child. We will continue to check this regularly to ensure it stays this way.