yukon_logoBrian is off once again on a very challenging adventure in order to raise much needed funds for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Brian, supported by Pugwash Bay, believes in pushing himself to the absolute limit and this race will provide him with many opportunities to do that.


Monday 10th February

Thank you to all who helped plan, carry out and arrange the fundraising events that took place in each of the creches last week. I would especially like to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who donated. Temple Street is a very worthy cause and our parents were very generous – we will be announcing the grand total raised next week.

Friday 7th February 21.00

Brian Finishes in 3rd Place

At approximately 9pm our time Brian crossed the finish line completing his 300 Mile ‘Yukon Arctic Ultra’ race. This is an amazing achievement considering 9 of those who started the race were forced to pull out along the way. Brian is tired but thankfully has suffered no physical injuries and is just glad to be finished.

Brian decided to set off on his last leg at midnight in temperatures as low as -43 degrees and he was rewarded as along the way he stopped to marvel under the Northern Lights. Knowing he was the only person on the trail for hundreds of miles around he stopped to have a warm drink and to enjoy the wonderful sights before him. This gave him a boost and he set off once again to finish the race.

Thank you to all who have show an interest in Brian’s race including our local media. Thanks especially to all who have taken part in our fundraising attempts today. I will post pictures of this soon.

Created on Tuesday, 04 February 2014 08:44 Temperatures drop down to – 30 ° C

There are only 7 of the 16 athletes left in the race and Brian is still holding steady in 3rd place. Below is the latest update from the race organisers.

Temperatures are now at – 30 ° C. However, so far all athletes seem to cope well. Ali did get a bit of a scare yesterday on the way to Ken Lake. He thought he went past the CP, back tracked, got cold fingers and then his stove did not work. It all worked out in the end but he sure won’t forget that. Because of the Carmacks time limit and not having Linda there with him, Ali decided to scratch.

I brought Linda, Ali, Jorgen, Tim and Stefan back to Whitehorse and drove up to Carmacks again.

Everybody who still had been here is now on the way to McCabe or already arrived there. The only two athletes who had not made it to Carmacks were Gabriela and Pietro from Italy. Unfortunately, they came 1 hour and 20 minutes late. It is tempting to say, “forget about the time limit and just go”. The problem is it would be unfair to all athletes who had to stop their race because of it in the past. And the time limit is there for a reason. It helps to prevent the field spreading out so much that we can’t really support everyone. Furthermore, we have found that athletes who arrive after the time limit have a very hard time to reach the 300 mile finish within the 8 days.

In the meantime Johnny left Pelly Crossing and Torben arrived in Pelly Crossing. Still the same problems of shin splints but going strong anyway. Brian Bell arrived at McCabe and so did Robert Hodges and James Binks. All doing fine.

John and Eliot are about half way to McCabe. They had a good rest at Carmacks. That helps dealing with the very cold temperatures.

Update 3rd February:

6 of the 16 athletes that started the 300m race have now scratched out. Brian is still on the go and doing very well. Temperature at present is about -24 however was -31 when I checked last night! The leading athlete is flying with the last report saying they had asked him to rest but they weren’t sure he was going to or not! For the latest click HERE – the website is very good and updated regularly. I have also added some new photos so click below to have a look at them.

And he’s off!

After a week of final preparations Brian has headed off on this amazing adventure. These preparations included a meeting with renowned performance coach Enda McNulty. Enda, who is CEO of Motiv8, has been working with the Leinster Rugby Team for 4 years now and has other high profile clients such as, Kellogs, Microsoft and AIG to name just a few. Enda gave Brian some advice and guidance on how to prepare himself mentally and both Brian and Enda would agree that mental performance will be just as important if not more so during this long and arduous journey.

Brian will spend days in Whitehorse preparing for the race before it starts on the 30th January. Part of this will include survival techniques including training on how to deal with a bear should he encounter one on his travels as well as how to deal with frostbite and other problems he may encounter along the way.

We would like to wish Brian the best of luck on his journey. Stay tuned for updates on how he is getting on.

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