Parents or Guardians are required to sign the registration form and fees policy to acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. To secure a child’s place prior to the start date the parent(s) shall arrange for payment of a booking deposit:
• The deposit for a full time, part time or morning place is three weeks’ the fees.
• The deposit for ECCE / TEC places is €75.
Deposits are fully refunded once three weeks’ notice has been given in writing to the manager and all outstanding amounts have been cleared from your account.
A child will not be permitted to start at the crèche until a deposit has been received.
Pugwash Bay shall have the right to receive full payment during notice period whether the child attends the crèche or not.
ECCE / TEC deposits are refunded once the child’s place has been approved by the department.
2. All fees are charged weekly and are due in advance each week or month by card payment, bank transfer and standing order only. Weekly payment should be made no later than the Tuesday of every week and monthly payments should be made by the in the first week of every month.
With consent card payments, can be set up for weekly or monthly intervals.
There will be a €7 late charge applied to accounts were fee payments are late on more than 2 occasions.
Card payments less than €30 are subject to a €0.30 surcharge.
3. Fees are due for each week over 52 weeks. Monthly payments can be made but a balance may occur when paying this way as our fees are charged weekly.
4. Fees must be paid in respect of bank holidays, family holidays, sickness etc. All fees are inclusive of the Christmas and Good Friday closures.
5. To reduce your calculated set minimum weekly fee three weeks’ notice must be given in writing to the manager.
6. Pugwash Bay may require the parent(s) to withdraw or remove the child from the crèche if:
• Staff in their opinion feel that the child requires special medical care or attention which is not available or which is refused by the parent(s)
• It is reasonable to believe that the child is or may be suffering or has suffered from any communicable illness and there remains a danger that other children at the crèche may contract such disease
• Fees are not being paid and there is an amount outstanding on your account
7. When more than one child attends the crèche 5 full days per week from the same family a 10% discount will apply to the eldest child’s fee.
8. Pugwash Bay reserve the right to increase the fees annually based on 30 days’ notice.

9. Liability:
• Pugwash Bay accepts no liability for any pecuniary or other loss suffered by the Parent(s) arising directly or indirectly as a result of the crèche being temporarily closed or the non-admittance of the child to the crèche for any reason.
10. Termination – Cancellation:
• If the parent(s) cancel the place during the two months prior to the agreed start date, then Pugwash Bay will retain the booking deposit
Outside of these two months a 10% booking fee is deductible on places cancelled.
• Any postponements / cancellations of the start date require three weeks’ notice in writing and failing this the monthly fee will be charged from the original start date and/or the deposit will be held.
• Once started either party shall be entitled to terminate or change the agreement per availability at any time, upon giving the other three weeks’ notice, or if either party shall be in material breach of the agreement and shall fail to cure such breach within 7 days, following service by other party of written notice specifying the details of such breach.
• Pugwash Bay will refund any over payments made.
11. Parents must respect the commitments of staff and their right to finish work at the designated time. Any late picks up after closing time will be charged at a cost of €10.00