Annagassan News

Another busy month has passed here in Pugwash Bay Annagassan and what big adventures we have had. We started off with learning two new letters, K and L, we revised our numbers 1 to 10. We learned our new colour ,Pink. Our shape this month was the Heart. Our new nursery rhyme was Jack and Jill and we learned a new sense the sense of sight. We discovered Blue is the most popular eye colour in Annagassan.

We went on to cover celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s day and we had some birthday celebrations. We done lots of art and activities to show our love for our parents and care givers. We spoke about the different emergency services available to us and spoke about getting a fireman to call in to chat to us. We also completed our fire drill successfully again. January is our quickest time to date. We are very proud of the children for being so disciplined and listening so carefully during every monthly fire drill.

Last month we took a trip to Alaska following on from Brian’s talk. Brian had came in and showed is all his equipment and spoke to us about his race across Alaska to raise money for Temple Street Hospital. We decided we would take a trip to Alaska too. When we arrived we read some stories and sang some songs before returning for some hot chocolate and muddy snowballs and a little expedition party.

This month we have lots more to cover, two more new letters, new colour, new shape and new nursery rhyme. We are also going to learn about the sense of smell.

We are going to learn a new skill called YOGA..

.We plan to learn about a new ,South America and hope to have some Brazilian inspired celebrations. As it is Spring we will hopefully have a will friend come to school for a visit.

We have a” World Book Day” day on Friday the 8th where we are encouraged to bring in our favourite books to read with our friends, we can even dress up in our favourite costumes if we wish.

We will also have Green Day Friday on 15th of March to celebrate Saint Patrick. We will remember and celebrate all our lovely mommies ❤️ for mother’s day. There will be plenty of lovely personal tributes for all our mommies big day.

We will learn about the life cycle of a frog and a flower and we will plant some flower.

Finally there will be lots of fun and games plus practice for our Graduation due to take place on June 25th at 10:00. This years theme is “Favourite cartoon character meets Under the sea”…Watch this Space,we promise you won’t be disappointed..

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Thank you from all the staff here in Annagassan.